Life, Lust, Love, and the Devil

Thank you for taking an interest and checking my world out. However, this site is still under construction and I have not written any blogs yet. I am new at the world of blogging and I can’t wait to be completely honest and ridiculously vulnerable with you and do not tend to leave anything out. My purpose is to talk about 100% of my personal experiences, adventures, movies, music, punk rock, mindfulness, lust, and my struggles as a newly diagnosed bipolar superhero. Oh, and I love to swear, a lot. Personally, I strongly believe that the word ‘fuck’ is a powerful way of staying authentic. Some may disagree, and that’s totally cool if you do, but I also know that there are people out there in this world who also have a mouth as loud as me.

Another thing about me…. I am a non-believer of a higher power. Well, I DO believe in a higher power, but it isn’t what you think it is. I can’t wait to talk about my beliefs at another time. I promise though, I believe that you will find my beliefs to be positive and NOT negative. You don’t have to share my beliefs, all I do is ask you to be respectful. On that note, I will never mock your faith. I will listen, and I will appreciate that we live in a country that allows us to believe in anything we choose to believe in. Also, I don’t care if if you’re religious , non-religious, gay, straight, transgender, unsure, male, female, what your race is, political party, who you voted for (although, I may or may not get into politics every now and again, but with respect to all parties).

Most of all, my way of thinking is extraordinarily unorganized, loud, fast-paced, unusual, rad. My brain is always on overdrive and I can’t wait to bring it from my heart to this computer.

Stay tuned for complete chaos..

Cheers! From San Diego